The Bands of LMI

LMI’s band program exists for kids who have demonstrated musical competency, discipline and passion.  In the band program I don’t teach music.  That happens at lessons.  I teach performance, working together, arrangement and how take responsibility for own progress, actions and results.  For the bands to succeed, each member must understand the vision for the group, know his or her place in that vision and have the discipline and passion to do their part to achieve that goal.  I am hard on the members, because I know in order to succeed it takes all members puling together.  The groups stay together through their teenage years, learning and growing together and creating lifetime friendships and bonds.
My band showcases are some of the biggest highlights of the LMI year!

The Immortals

The Immortals

The Immortals is a very special jewel in the LMI program. I select the very best students from our band program to be a part of an elite group of musicians. They get together at LMI 3 hours a week outside of lessons to learn as professionals would. They learn professional tricks of the trade, learn music theory and its application, they train like pros, and gig like pros. The Immortals play all around the county at shows and public events, wowing audiences with things kids should not be able to do. They also respect and perform all types of music and show a level of professionalism unexpected from ones so young.

Every year with their instructor they reach out and share their gifts with underprivileged kids, entertaining them, inspiring them and teaching them at the Boys and Girls Clubs. This activity helps the Immortals understand that the personal cost for being awesome musicians can be paid by sharing their love and passion for music with others. Such activities keep us grounded, fill the soul and help us remember why we started off to be great musicians!

Immortals earn special statues and recognition for their thousands of hours of practice. They are issued a number, currently 37, in the order of Immortals who have shared the honor. Their pictured, signatures and words of wisdom, grace the door to the Immortals practice room.