Cleveland 2018

Cleveland 2018

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Frank and the Immortals’ trip to Cleveland 2018


The Immortals reach out yearly to the kids of Cleveland Heights in Cleveland, OH.  The Immortals gig and raise money to finance this yearly trip.  The goal is to inspire these kids in Cleveland that they can achieve their dreams be it in music or in another area.  A secondary goal is to provide mentorship and leadership experience for our Immortals.  The kids in Cleveland Heights just have a blast though and probably don’t even realize that they are learning that music can change lives, and that they themselves could do it with dedication and determination!

The Immortals put on a free concert at the Cleveland Heights Youth Club and then come back the next day to put on free music workshops in drums, guitar, piano and songwriting to show the kids that music can be made by people that love it!  This trip is the highlight of the Immortals performance year.


Frank and The Immortals

Immortals @ Boy and Girls

Youth Height Club

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