About LMI

Every student literally becomes a part of this family as I learn who they are, why they came and how I can help them.  They can grow to be professionals, hobbyists, singers, players, or writers.  I will guide them if they want to write, perform, get a music scholarship or admission for higher musical studies.  Whatever the goal, I will be there to teach, consult, answer questions and guide however I can.

  •  Introduction to Advanced on Piano, Guitar, Voice, Bass Guitar  and Drums.  
  •  Program built for each student based on their goals and learning strengths.
  • Rock, Pop, Gospel, R&B, Classical, Soul, Jazz, Contemporary Christian…all music styles.
  • Music Reading, Rhythmic Precision and Music Theory knowledge taught with patience.
  • Composition, arrangement and lyrical song-writing.

When students leave LMI they take a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion with them.  My hope is that these tools will propel them along the way to their picture of musical success.   I will always be here for them too; through their growth as musicians.  I love it when my students come back as adults.  Together we find we both have grown and the magic continues.

My Vision of LMI

  • A place for the technical, creative and spiritual growth of musicians.
  • An environment where young people know they are respected and that their efforts matter.
  • A safe musical haven where questions are answered, energy is directed and the objective of musical success brought into focus.
  • An opportunity to make mistakes and realize that the only way through the battle to improve, is to turn into the challenge and push through.
  • A studio where the passion to learn is recognized as the “gift of music.”

Loudoun Music Instruction, LLC
39819 Lovettsville Rd.
Lovettsville, VA 20180

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Private Instruction: $150/month
Registration Fee: $15/year