Loudoun Music is my vision of a place where a child can come when they love music, but don’t know why and what to do about it.  They can come, learn, grow and shape their ideas of what being a musician is…with a caring mentor to guide and help them understand how music can positively affect their lives.  Every student literally becomes my favorite student as I learn who they are, why they came and how I can help them.  They can grow to be professionals, hobbyists, singers, players, or writers.  I will guide them if they want to write, perform, get a music scholarship or admission for higher studies in Jazz, etc.  Whatever their goal I will be there to teach, consult, answer questions and guide however I can.

When they leave LMI they will take a wealth of love, experience, knowledge and passion with them to inspire them along the way to their picture of musical success.   I will always be here for them too through their growth as musicians.  I love it when my students come back as adults to just talk and share.  When adults who were former students return, they find we both have grown and it always feels that a circle has been completed.